Just out here looking for a dog to pet.


Hello! I'm Kelsie - if we haven't met, let's do that. I am a simple person. And I like to make things simple for others.

I don't need much in life. I am easy going and an outgoing introvert (the struggle is real). I thrive doing the small things, being behind the scenes, and doing anything that might relieve someone of a burden.  My joy and purpose come from the Lord and I have a great desire to bring joy to others’ lives - to bring calm and comfort.

With a degree in Hospitality Management, I constantly received the question, “So you wanna own a hotel?!” No. Thank You. Never.
My degree had many directions it could be taken, but what it cultivated in me was a great desire to simply give someone a great experience – in my professional life, but also in my personal.

And that’s how I landed here. What more important day for you to have a great experience than your wedding day? What more important day for you to be free of stress and worry? What more important day for you to be free to focus on just one thing – getting married!

Here is how this looks – I want to get to know you, hear your heart and desires for your special day; listen to what gets you excited and watch the joy pour out as you talk about the one you love; then learn what burdens you as you think about the process - what’s stressful, what you are dreading.
Finally, I hope to identify how I can provide or relieve all of that - helping land on the perfect experience for you and delivering complete peace of mind.


Now, to the questions you really need answered:

  • I am a dog person (but won’t judge if you’re a cat person….just help me understand….)
  • Chocolate > Vanilla
  • A baseball hat is on my head at least once a week.
  • Breakfast food is all we really need.
  • ISFJ, Enneagram Type 1w2
  • I hate small talk (but will make a great effort if that’s your thing)
  • I will often find a way to express my emotions through a New Girl quote.
  • Never. Touch. My pillow.
  • Coffee and beer make me really happy.

I hope none of these are deal breakers, but if they are, I guess I understand…