Why More Light?

More Light came from a great desire of mine to simply bring more light into this world. Whether “light” represents positivity, joy, or a divine thing to you, we all need more of it.
Of all days, your wedding day should be filled with only joy, love and light - no stress, worry or distraction.
Good vibes only, as the kids are saying these days.

More Light is here to not only create and execute a great event, but for that to provide relief and peace of mind to everyone involved.

Your wedding is just one day. But this one day is one of the biggest.
This one day is the first of the rest of your life with the one you love.
It is a pivotal day where your life changes forever.
Two become one. amazing, right?

However, it is easy to get caught up in all the details, feel the weight of the planning, and lose sight of the fact that no matter what, at the end of this one day, you will be husband and wife! You can get consumed with the details of this one short day and lose sight of the lifetime ahead of you.

That’s where I come in. My greatest priority is to give you peace of mind that everything is going to work out and let you focus on your soon-to-be lifetime love.

Let’s just say the good Lord made me far too particular and detail-oriented for my own good, so I need to share the love!